• Fantastic plan and UI
  • Touchscreen more precise than 99% of cell phones
  • FM radio, at long last!


  • Little. Sufficiently little to lose incredibly, rapidly

As contraptions get more modest and more modest, we start to arrive at the ludicrous size issues we recall from Zoolander. In the event that you have the Motorola SLVR with iTunes, you won’t need to stress over an iPod. The takeoff from the past iPod Nano configuration, just as the total revising and contracting of the most recent gadget is exceptionally faulty, and intrigued shoppers are generally contemplating whether it merits the redesign. On the off chance that you need a more conventional walkman, investigate our Sony NWZ-W263 walkman survey all things considered. Or then again on the off chance that you’d want to remain little, look at our audit of Samsung’s minuscule MP3 player: YP-F2.

Is it?

Mac’s finished makeover for the iPod Nano may appear as though the organization is confounded, however their set of experiences demonstrates something else. Each item they make, each documenting they submit, and each word out of Steve Jobs’ mouth is deliberate. The most recent Nano doesn’t resist that pattern. In case you’re available for a MP3 player, look at the Monolith MX7000 semi-indestructible MP3 player now in 1GB 2GB.

The sixth era iPod Nano frees itself of video recording and playback, viably slices the size down the middle, and has at long last taken out the last leftover of Apple’s eminent parchment wheel. In its place, a 1.54″ capacitive touchscreen running on a thinned down adaptation of iOS.

The loss of video recording and playback isn’t anything to worry over. Indeed, it was advantageous, however the small screen was, honestly, strange to watch video on. I’m happy Apple recognized that and free of the capacity. Recording video on such a little gadget was similarly helpful, yet the light weight and little size, also low goal and average picture quality, made the element a final retreat for clients. Most video shot on the Nano never at any point left the gadget, thanks to some degree to no Wi-Fi reception apparatus.

This most recent Nano is cut back of all the excess from the past model and gets down to the very center of the gadget: a little music player that is straightforward, instinctive, and simple to use for anything. For youngsters to store their music assortment on; for grown-ups hoping to exercise to a beat; for the bustling sales rep who as of now hauls around a lot in his pockets and needs something little and straightforward.

For these clients, the Nano is a brilliant fit. Practically speaking, the Nano is an extraordinary media player. With up to 16GB (8GB or 16GB models accessible), there’s a very sizable amount of room for the day by day journey or even a month-long excursion. Battery life is evaluated for 24 hours of ceaseless sound playback, and the revive time is snappy, fit for a full energize in only a couple hours (or 80% charge in 1.5 hours). Indeed, there’s just a single thing that doesn’t make the Nano a definitive street fighter: its size.

Applications on screen can be moved around, however none erased. Four pages of applications incorporate brisk connections to music (playlists, specialists, presently playing, Genius blends, and so forth), settings, photographs, wellness, clock, and a FM radio. The photographs application is practically indistinguishable from different iOS gadgets, however as I discovered when putting pictures on the gadget, it took my 7000+ photographs around two hours to be resized explicitly for the Nano. It won’t store full-estimate pictures, and all things considered: there is no squeeze zoom work on the Nano, just a twofold tap to zoom in enough for the full screen to be used.

Like every little thing, the most recent Nano is anything but difficult to lose. Downsizing inside and out for this most recent Nano disentangles the gadget, yet additionally makes it an errand to watch out for. While testing it, I lost the Nano a few times, each time marginally more than the last. Fortunately they were generally the workplace or home. Had I left it on some store counter or specialist’s office, it would be in the same class as gone.

With the iPod Shuffle, such a misfortune is certainly not a serious deal. $50 is a lot simpler substitution than for the Nano. The incorporation of a clasp to holster the Nano is extraordinary, to wear on the belt or an armband, however while testing I just utilized the clasp for work out. For not losing it, I suggest utilizing the clasp at whatever point conceivable.

Highlights are restricted for the Nano to what’s as of now on the gadget, and the Nike+ add-on. The Nano isn’t carefully an iOS gadget, however a significant number of the capacities feel and appear to be indistinguishable. Pivoting the screen (a 240×240 pixel square) is finished with two fingers turning the picture on-screen. This technique is helpful and instinctive – obviously superior to utilizing accelerometers for a similar capacity. Rather than a committed home catch, squeezing and holding a finger on the screen for three seconds re-visitations of the home screen. Since it is extremely unlikely to exit applications other than for hanging on the screen, swipe usefulness assumes a significant part on the Nano. Swiping left on practically any screen will return one screen.

The clock application incorporates a simple clock, stopwatch and clock. Wellness incorporates a senseless pedometer, which utilizes the inner accelerometer to tally steps. A background marked by the Fitness application’s utilization is additionally recorded.

The FM radio uses earphones as a recieving wire, and without a doubt manufactured the generally powerless iPod earphones to turn out best for gathering. Other, greater earphones I tried didn’t get as great a sign as the iPod earphones, however clients should decide nature of the sound versus nature of the earbuds for themselves. Dissimilar to the Zune HD, this is no HD radio, simply a standard FM collector. Quite a few stations can be set as top choices. An exceptional “Live Pause” include permits as long as 15 minutes of radio to be put away, on the off chance that you would prefer not to miss anything. Battery life chops down essentially when utilizing the FM radio. In my testing, I arrived at the midpoint of between 6-8 hours tuning in to FM radio.

Macintosh’s most recent iPod Nano is a disentanglement of media playback gadgets. The PC and cellphone monster has at last made three (actually four) separate portable elements: the Shuffle – light, reasonable, and for music just; the Nano – screened, high limit with regards to photographs and music, and a great exercise partner; and the Touch (or iPhone) – the do-all media gadget for music, recordings, pictures and games. The Nano plays out its capacity superbly, however intrigued shoppers can buy comparable media players for less expensive. Be that as it may, they won’t locate a superior, crisper, and cleaner gadget than the most recent sixth era iPod Nano.

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